Anticipate What Your Users Want

Send sales prospects and customers unique messages targeting how they behave on your website through LiveSalesApp’s lead automation messages. Simple to set-up, these custom messages can instantly catch their attention and configure how they navigate through your website, leading them to the right pages and the products they are looking for as well as assisting them in completing their orders.

Streamline Communication with an Omnichannel Ticketing System

Handle all requests or inquiries from various channels including chat, phone calls, emails in one unified inbox. Resolving any issues submitted is easier as operators can use filter and search options to find all related tickets. Seeing all details on a sale prospect’s or customer’s activities including their whole site experience as well as purchase history leads to quicker and a more personalized issue resolution.

Good Website Experience, Better Engagements, Best Revenues

Presenting ultimate convenience not just for your website visitors but also for you, the LiveSalesApp chat comes with features to make everyone’s lives easier:

Lead Qualification System

Filter out true leads versus spam submissions. Integrate a lead form that would need to be completed first before a chat starts. Get valuable user-information including name, email address, and other contact details that can be utilized for future email marketing campaigns or sales generation opportunities.

Knowledge Base and Shortcuts

Never make your web visitors wait. Answer sale prospect or customer inquiries right away by quickly retrieving product information from your own Knowledge Base or by sending templated responses from shortcuts you can create.

Branding Consistency

Strengthen brand profile to build user-trust through the LiveSalesApp chat that offers customizability for brand consistent messaging. Format chat messages, images, links, and more to match your brand identity.

Two-way File Transfers

Send purchase orders to customers or documents such as quotations and product brochures to sales prospects by effortlessly dragging files from your database into the live chat window.

Real-time Translation

Respond to what global users need and make sales from any part of the world. Bid goodbye to any miscommunications by speaking the language of your prospects and customers through the LiveSalesApp’s real-time translation feature.

Ratings and Feedback Form

Improve customer service and support by considering chat feedback of sales prospects and customers.

Obtain Real-time Live Chat Statistics

Find business opportunities through the LiveSalesApp’s live prospect view that lets you acquire fundamental user data such as referral information, IP, country source, navigation history, last time active and a whole lot more the moment they reach your website. All these can be used to update and improve lead automation messages, merchandising strategies, and sales campaigns.

Integrate with Your Favorite Tools

Do more with all data, leads, and conversions gathered through the LiveSalesApp by integrating the chat with your favorite ecommerce platforms including Magento, WordPress, and Odoo as well as analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

LiveSalesApp VS Zendesk

LiveSalesApp Zendesk
Live Chat Console
Messenger Visibility
Manual Lead Messages
Automated Messages
Operator Dashboard
Alerts and Notifications
Knowledge Base Availability
Email Integration
Ticket Management
Hasslefree Set-up
File Sending
Offline Messaging
Conversation Archives
Unified Inbox
Multi-language Support
Canned Responses
Interaction Tracking
Custoizable Branding

Ready to Ask the Right Questions?

Boost conversions and sales by proactively engaging with your users. Do this and more by switching to the LiveSalesApp today.