Acquire Real-time Chat Metrics

Obtain live chat analytics as they happen through the Live Prospect View. Get fundamental data that you can optimize including referral information, navigation history, IP, country source, last active time and a whole lot more for merchandising strategies and increased business opportunities.

Create Automated Lead Introduction Messages

Raise user-engagements using lead introduction messages that save everyone’s time. Easy to set-up, this feature allows operators to create and automatically send customized messages based on sale prospect or customer behavior as well as on what page they are on your site.

Access Transcripts and Tickets Anytime You Want

Review all chat transcripts, archived emails, submitted tickets, as well as web visitor information recorded through an intuitive Operator Console built with a ticketing system for a better understanding on what your sale prospects and customers exactly need. Complete with filters and search options, the LiveSalesApp chat lets operators see the whole picture, every single thing that transpires in a conversation, making it easier to take actionable steps.

Sort Real Sales Leads Vs Spammers

The LiveSalesApp chat can integrate a form that acts as a filter system to help qualify leads before a chat session is initiated. All information gathered before the chat starts can be used by operators to not waste time engaging with spammers as well as for future marketing campaigns, ads, sales tactics.

Monitor Everything in Real-Time

The LiveSalesApp chat comes with a Live Prospect View feature that lets you acquire fundamental data on sale prospects and customers the moment they reach your website. Find out what search terms they used to access your website, the number of pages they visited on the site, their referral information, IP, country of origin and a lot more. Optimize these information to improve strategies for sales and marketing.

Catch True Sales Leads

Never waste time on chat spammers again. Isolate real sales leads before initiating a chat through the LiveSalesApp Lead Qualification System feature. Create and integrate a lead form to your chat that acts as a filter system. Chat will only be started once the customized lead form has been completed, giving operators the freedom to engage only with sale prospects and customers that matter.

Ultimate Convenience Guaranteed

Deliver unparalleled efficiency beneficial to all, sales prospects, customers, and operators included, through these features:

Bi-directional file transfers

Sending files is effortlessly done by dragging and dropping from your database to the chat window

Screen Sharing

See how sale prospects and customers encountered any issue raised while browsing your website the way they see it. Screen sharing allows for faster issue resolutions.

Ratings and Feedback forms

Improve customer service as well as web experience of sale prospects and customers through submitted ratings and feedbacks.

Knowledge Base

Create your own knowledge base where team members can easily retrieve files, product information, and other documents for faster response times.

Seamless Integration to eCommerce Platforms and Analytics Tools

Carry out effective workflows and processes with the LiveSalesApp chat that can be integrated with the following:

  • Magento
  • Odoo
  • Wordpress
  • Salesforce
  • Custom Websites
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Tag Manager

The Live Chat That Everyone Trusts

Whether a start-up or a large enterprise, the LiveSalesApp chat can cover your needs.

  • eCommerce
  • SaaS Businesses
  • Travel Websites
  • Marketers
  • Sales & Support Teams

LiveSalesApp VS Olark

LiveSalesApp Olark
Live Chat Console
Messenger Visibility
Customizable Branding
Lead Automation Messages
Conversation Archives
Automated Lead Qualification
Live Chat Metrics
Real-time Chat
Alerts and Notifications
Rating and Feedback Form
Live Chat Translation
Co-browsing or Screensharing
Canned Responses
Multi-language Support
Ticket Management
Help Desk Management
Queue Management
Issue Tracking
Email Integration
Knowledge Base
Self Service Portal
Bi-directional file transfers
Unified Inbox
Offline Form

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