Valuable Conversations for Boosted Conversions

Reach out to sales prospects and customers the instance they access your website with lead automation messages. Proactively engage with them through custom messages and target common inquiries to catch their attention right away no matter what page they are on your website. Providing web visitors a satisfying experience while browsing and leading them to the right products will skyrocket conversions and sales.

Omnichannel Ticketing System

Improve efficiency and productivity through the LiveSalesApp chat that comes with a unified inbox and a multi-channel ticketing system for a streamlined communication, helping you manage chats, emails, and phone calls only in one portal. With a more organized workflow as well as filter and search options, you can easily access all tickets submitted online or while you’re offline. Being able to review a sale prospect’s website experience or customer’s purchase history based on submitted tickets, sales, support, and marketing teams can quickly resolve any issue raised.

Real-time Monitoring of Sales Prospects and Customers

Acquire essential information the moment sales prospects or customers access your website through the LiveSalesApp’s Live Prospect View feature. Being able to see user data including referral information, IP, country source, navigation history, last time active, prepares you before you jump in a live chat. Acquired data can be used for asking the right questions, updating your lead automation messages, and modifying your sales strategies.

Faster Issue Resolution

The LiveSalesApp chat allows co-browsing and screen sharing between operators and users. Through this feature, operators can get to the bottom of any website or cart issues raised, making way for faster issue resolution and more completed orders.

Isolate Real Leads from Spam Submissions

Sort true leads from spammers by integrating a filter system into your chat. Through the LiveSalesApp’s lead qualification system feature, you get to have web visitors fill out a short lead form first before a chat is initiated. This gives operators the power to check users first, not wasting their time on spam submissions. All acquired sale prospect and customer data can also be used for email marketing campaigns, future ads, or promotions.

Get More, Do More

Unlike basic live chat extensions, the LiveSalesApp chat comes with more features presenting ultimate convenience
not just for sales prospects but also for operators like you.

Two-Way File Transfers

Sending quotations, product brochures, sales orders, and other documents to sales prospects and customers as well as receiving purchase orders or other files from them is hasslefree thanks to the LiveSalesApp’s bi-directional file transfer feature. Everything can be easily done by dragging and dropping a file from your database into the live chat window.

Ratings and Feedback Form

Satisfied sales prospects and customers translates to bigger conversions and increased revenues. Rely on ratings and feedback submitted to improve your products, workflows, customer service and support.

Knowledge Base and Shortcuts

Shorten response time to inquiries submitted by sales prospects and customers. Utilize your own Knowledge Base for effortless retrieval of product data as well as answers to FAQs. The LiveSalesApp also lets you create shortcuts for canned responses that you can quickly pull up and send users.

LiveSalesApp VS Odoo Chat

LiveSalesApp Odoo Chat
Live Chat Console
Messenger Visibility
Multi-language Support
Agent Groups
Unlimited Chats
Alerts and Notifications
Canned Responses
Multi-language Support
Rating and Feedback Form
Conversation Archives
Lead Automation Messages
Email Collector
Automated Lead Qualification
Ticket Management
Operator Dashboard
Visitor-Operator File Transfer Upload
Unified Inbox
Real-time Chat Metrics
Knowledge Base
Customizable Branding
Screen Sharing
Offline Form

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Basic Live Chat Extension.

Spark conversations that convert leads to sales. Level-up to a more advanced and feature packed chat tool by switching to LiveSalesApp today!