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Discover why everyone is choosing the LiveSalesApp over any other live chat support for Odoo.

Offer Meaningful Conversations for Valuable Conversions

Spark instant connection with sale prospects and customers with lead introduction messages. Strategically set these up to automatically show unique messages sitewide or only on specific pages, proactively reaching out to customers by targeting common inquiries right away. Offering a clear, two-way communication can help convert prospects into customers and encourage existing users to become repeat customers.

Streamline All Forms of Communication

Raise performance with the LiveSalesApp chat that comes with a unified inbox where one can access all online and offline questions and concerns submitted through a ticketing system. Having an organized workflow where you can review a prospect’s experience throughout the site helps with fast issue resolution and with retaining customers. Effortlessly manage chats, phone calls, emails, and sms received through a single portal with search and filter options available.

Efficiency Combined with Convenience

Make everyone’s lives easier with these functionalities.

Handy Knowledge Base and FAQs

Set-up a comprehensive knowledge base inside the Operator Console to easily retrieve and provide answers to recurring questions with lightning speed.

Screen Sharing for Quicker Issue Resolution

Assist sale prospects and customers better by seeing or replicating the issue they encountered through screen sharing.

Bi-directional File Transfers

Send quotations and other documents to sale prospects and receive purchase orders from customers by easily dragging and dropping files from a database into the chat field.

Get Real-time Live Chat Metrics

With a Live Prospect View feature, the LiveSalesApp chat for Odoo allows real-time monitoring of sale prospects and customers, from the moment the enter your website. Get fundamental information including what search terms were used to reach your site, referral information, country of origin, IP, the number of pages visited on the site, navigation history, and more. View and analyze all these data through the Operator Console and plan how to improve sales and marketing strategies.

Filter Real Sales Leads

Spend time wisely by chatting with real sales leads instead of spammers. The LiveSalesApp chat comes with a Lead Qualification System feature, letting you set-up lead forms that would have to be completed first before a chat is initiated. Through this lead form, you also get to acquire data from prospects and customers that can be used for future ads, email marketing campaigns, and other sales generation opportunities. Create a customized filter system that you can integrate with the chat based on what you require.

Other Features That Everyone Loves

  • Real-time translation for multi-language support
  • Customizable for brand consistent messaging
  • Ratings and feedback form
  • User/Group permissions
  • Self-learning email template system
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User-Installation Guide

Integrating the LiveSalesApp Live Chat to your Odoo website only takes 4 simple steps. Click below for instructions


Adding LiveSalesApp Live Chat Button directly to Odoo

To integrate LiveSalesApp Live Chat system with your Odoo-based website,
please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and Install the live_sales_app module.
  2. Go to General Settings and Enter the lsa client uri and lsa client id.
  3. Generate the LiveSalesApp installation code.
  4. Once done, click Save.

Ready to Turn Sales Prospects to Customers Now?

Drive sales for your Odoo powered website through the customizable LiveSalesApp chat today.