Match Made in Heaven

Here are some of the reasons why the LiveSalesApp is the perfect chat extension for your Magento website.

Connect with Sale Prospects and Customers Anytime, Anywhere

The LiveSalesApp is a valuable engagement tool as it allows you to connect with prospects and customers effectively online and offline. Make instant connection through lead introduction messages that are set-up to automatically show sitewide or specific pages, targeting common inquiries of website visitors right away and leading them to the right navigational path. This means that even if you are offline, submitted chats are still acknowledged and visitors are still assisted. Easily jump in a conversation when you are online by managing messages through an Operator Console.

Seamless Offline Chat Management

Have a unified inbox for every inquiry submitted while you are offline including chats, phone calls, and tickets. With the LiveSalesApp extension, easily streamline all offline communication through tickets that can be used to easily review prospect’s or customer’s web experience, inquiry or purchase activity. Having insights on these can help in providing the quickest and most effective issue resolutions, retaining customers in the process.

Real-time Monitoring of Sale Prospects

Obtain vital information on website visitors the moment they reach your website. Getting essential data from prospects and customers such as their referral information, country, IP, navigation history, time on site, number of pages visited, what keywords were used to access your website, and more is highly beneficial and can be used to improve sales and marketing strategies.

Two-Way Convenience Defined

Designed with multiple features defining convenience, the LiveSalesApp chat is advantageous and brings
efficiency to both its operators as well as website visitors.

Bi-directional File Transfers

Send quotations and transfer documents to sale prospects as well as receive purchase orders from customers by simply dragging and dropping files from a database and into the chat field

Valuable FAQs and Knowledge Base

Build a knowledge base that can be accessed by anyone from your team. Through this, responding to recurring questions from sale prospects and customers becomes easy-peasy as you can retrieve answers with configured shortcuts.

Screen Sharing for Faster Issue Resolutions

As operators and sale prospects or customers can share screens, getting to the bottom of any errors encountered while browsing the website is easier. This especially helps when visitors encounter issues while checking out.

Other Features That Everyone Loves:

  • Ratings and feedback form for improved customer service
  • User/Group permissions
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Real-time translation for multi-language support
  • Customizable for brand consistent messaging
  • Configured shortcuts and self-learning email template system
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User-Installation Guide

Integrating the LiveSalesApp Live Chat to your Magento website only takes 6 steps. Click below for instructions.

Magento 1.x

Adding LiveSalesApp Live Chat Button directly to Magento 1.x 

To integrate LiveSalesApp with your Magento-1.x-based website, please follow the steps below:

  1. Access your Magento Backend / Administration Panel.
  2. Locate the Miscellaneous HTML box under System -> Configuration -> General -> Design -> Footer.
  3. Generate the LiveSalesApp installation code.
  4. Copy the code and paste it directly in the Miscellaneous HTML box and save the data.
  5. Make sure to refresh Magento's cache in full under System -> Cache Management.
  6. The chat button will now appear when you reload your website.

Adding LiveSalesApp Live Chat Button directly to Magento 2.x

  1. Install by copying code
    1. To get started, download Live Sales App extension package from Github.[livesalesapp]
    2. Download SFTP clients, we recommend clients: FileZilla, WinSCP and connect to your server.
    3. Unzip extension package and upload them into Magento root directory.
    4. To complete the installation process, we need to run the following command lines:
      php bin/magento setup:upgrade
      php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
      php bin/magento cache:flush
  2. Install via Composer
    1. Use any SSH client to connect to your server and navigate to the Magento root directory.
    2. Run the following command:
      composer require sci5/[livesalesapp]
      php bin/magento setup:upgrade
      php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
      php bin/magento cache:flush
  3. Configuration
    1. Access your Magento Backend / Administration Panel.
    2. Navigate to Stores -> SCI Global Extensions -> Live Sales App.
    3. Enable Live Sales App under General
    4. Under Settings, input your host and Live Sales App license key.
    5. Hit Save.

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