Never Make Your Customers Wait

The LiveSalesApp lets you capture your sales prospects and customers attention the instance they reach your website. By setting up lead automation messages, you can send web visitors customized and unique messages that will target common inquiries, even if you are offline. This makes way for increased user-engagements that can translate to boosted conversions and eventually sales.

Offer Quick Issue Resolutions

Complete with a screen sharing feature, the LiveSalesApp chat operators can easily assist users encountering problems while browsing your website. Solve any checkout errors encountered as these happen, minimizing instances of losing customers due to bad checkout experiences.

Discover Business Opportunities with Real-Time Analytics

Acquire up-to-the-minute chat metrics -- from the moment sales prospects and customers reach your website to the last time they are active. Thanks to the Live Prospect View feature of the LiveSalesApp, operators are given the power to view fundamental data such as referral information, navigation history, IP, country source, and more that can be optimized to improve sales campaigns, merchandising tactics, as well as future ads.

Streamline Both Offline and Online Communications

Get a unified inbox to access all chats, calls, emails received while operators are online and even offline. Through a versatile ticketing system complete with filter and search options, operators get to review chat transcripts, archived emails, and all other tickets submitted per user -- helping understand what sales prospects or customers need or are having trouble with. With a clearer picture of a web visitor’s site experience, purchase history, and inquiries, sales and marketing teams can take actionable steps to improve service as well as raise conversions.

Don’t Waste Time on Spam Submissions

Spend valuable time on other important tasks instead of dealing with live chat spammers. Through the Lead Qualification System feature of the LiveSalesApp chat, you can set-up lead forms that would have to be completed first before a chat is initiated. Create a customized filter system based on what your require and easily integrate it into the chat. All information gathered can them be utilized for email marketing campaigns as well as other sales generation opportunities.

Your Smart and Cost-effective Alternative

Presenting advantageous live chat features that you can work with to raise user-engagements, get more conversions, and boost sales, the LiveSalesApp chat is the best choice for businesses working on a tight budget but also with high demands.

The Convenience Everyone Has Been Looking For

Do a whole lot more without a single sweat through these LiveSalesApp features:

Two-way File Transfers

Sending sales orders, product manuals, and other files to sales prospects and customers as well as receiving any document or purchase orders from them is trouble-free. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping file from your database into the chat window.

Ratings and Feedback forms

Get feedback from sales prospects and customers and use these to improve customer service as well as modify sales and marketing strategies

Knowledge Base and Shortcuts

Build a comprehensive knowledge base where any team member, be it from your sales or marketing teams, can easily pull up product information, shortening response times to any inquiry submitted. Shortcuts can also be set-up for fast and templated responses.

Connect to Your Favorite eCommerce and Analytic Tools

Experience efficiency and increase productivity with the LiveSalesApp chat that can be seamlessly integrated with the following:

  • Magento
  • Odoo
  • Wordpress
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Tag Manager

LiveSalesApp VS Live Chat

LiveSalesApp Live Chat
Live Chat Console
Messenger Visibility
Customizable Branding
Lead Automation Messages
Conversation Archives
File Sharing
Ticket Management
Tickets from Chat
Tickets from Emails
After-hours Tickets
Operator Dashboard
Real-time Chat Translation
Multi-language Support
Knowledge Base
Canned Responses
Rating and Feedback Form
Unified Inbox
Real-time Chat Metrics
Visitors Tracking
Automated Lead

Spark Conversations that Drive Your Conversions

Time to get the live chat you deserve without hurting your pocket. Switch to the LiveSalesApp chat today.