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Reach out and respond to your customers with the right questions and answers. See why everyone is shifting to the LiveSalesApp for their Joomla website’s live chat and help desk system because of these features:

Instant Connections for Lasting Conversions

Build instant connections with sales prospects and customers by targeting common product inquiries. Through customizable lead introduction messages offered by the LiveSalesApp, you can proactively engage with web visitors, showing unique automessages depending on what page they are on and at the same time providing instant support to any user concern. Better customer service converts prospects to customers and also encourages existing customers to do repeat orders.

Multi-channel Ticketing and Help Desk System

Elevate online and offline support with the LiveSalesApp chat that works with a unified inbox, consolidating all forms of communications received including chats, emails, calls, and even sms into tickets. Ticket management is done in a single portal complete with search and filter options. This makes it a lot easier to monitor and review a sales prospect’s or customer’s website experience or purchase history, resolving issues raised faster.

Live Prospect View for Boosted Business Opportunities

Experience real-time monitoring of sales prospects with the LiveSalesApp’s Live Prospect View, allowing you to collect valuable user information the moment they set foot on your website. Take advantage of vital data acquired including referral information, navigation history, time on site, IP, country, number of pages visited, and keywords used to access your website for use in improving merchandising and marketing strategies.

Capture Sales Leads that Matter

Say goodbye to chat spammers with the LiveSalesApp that can isolate these from true sales leads even before initiating a chat. Through the LiveSalesApp Lead Qualification System feature, you can integrate a lead form to your chat plug-in that then acts as a filter system, ensuring operators only engage with sales prospects and customers who have completed the form.

Spot-on Efficiency and Convenience Guaranteed

Serve business productivity by doing a whole lot more with these LiveSalesApp functionalities.

Quote & Purchase Order Expressway

Bi-directional sending of files from operators to sales prospects or customers including quotations, POs, or product manuals will never be a problem. Just drag and drop files from your database into the chat field.

Screen Sharing for Quick Assistance

Clear up concerns raised by sales prospects or customers through the screen sharing feature that lets you replicate any issues encountered, making it easier to address and find solutions to these.

Easy Access Knowledge Base

Respond to customer inquiries with lightning speed by building your own knowledge base where you can pull up answers and product data right away. The LiveSalesApp also lets you create and send canned responses.

No More Frustrated Web Visitors

Offer immediate and valuable support to sales prospects and customers with these features from the LiveSalesApp:

  • Ratings and feedback form
  • Multiple language capability and real-time translation
  • User/group permissions
  • Canned responses
  • Self-learning email templates
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User-Installation Guide

Integrating the LiveSalesApp Live Chat to your Joomla website only takes 9 simple steps. Click below for instructions


Adding LiveSalesApp Live Chat Button directly to Joomla

To integrate LiveSalesApp with your Joomla-based website, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the live_sales_app module package.
  2. Log into the Joomla Backend and go to Extensions > Extension Manager.
  3. Navigate to the Install sub-menu. Click Choose File and select the downloaded live_sales_app module then install.
  4. If installation is successful, you would see this message after:

  5. Confirm installation by checking it on the Module Manager. To do that, navigate from Extensions > Module Manager.
  6. Search Live Sales App on Filter field. Click the module.
  7. Configure the Joomla Live Sales App Module. Click the "Select Position" button and select where you want to place the LSA script (ex. headerbar).
  8. Update the status to "Published".
  9. Don't forget to enter the License Key and Host under the Basic Options section.
  10. Once done, click Save.

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