Covers All Businesses -- No Matter What Size

Unlike Intercom, the LiveSalesApp chat covers businesses of various sizes. Whether running a small, medium business, or large enterprise, the LiveSalesApp chat can accommodate your live chat and help desk needs.

Top Value for Money

Offering almost similar features and benefits like Intercom, the LiveSalesApp chat is the smartest alternative to get especially for businesses with a tight budget but at the same time also have demanding sales target.

Unified Inbox for Streamlined Communication

The LiveSalesApp chat offers unparalleled performance, whether used while online or offline. Incorporating a ticketing system, the LiveSalesApp chat can streamline all forms of communication, from chats to phone calls and emails. Chats can be answered in real-time and tickets submitted while offline can be accessed from the Operator Console built with filter and search options. Having a unified inbox makes it easy to review a sale prospect’s or customer’s experience, inquiries, as well as purchase history thus any issue resolution becomes faster.

Real-time Live Chat Analytics

Improve merchandising strategies, update sales campaigns, and find other business opportunities using the LiveSalesApp’s Live Prospect View. Through this feature, operators get to see fundamental data the moment sale prospects and customers enter their website, including their referral information, navigation history, last time active, IP, country source, and other relevant data.

Lead Automation Messages That Matter

Be proactive in engaging with your users. Increased user-engagements can translate to boosted leads and sales. Easy-to-configure, automated messages from the LiveSalesApp chat can be customized based on user-behaviors or on what page they are on the website, capturing their attention by targeting common inquiries.

Effortless Integration with the Your Favorite Tools

Increase productivity and do more with the LiveSalesApp chat that can be connected with any Magento, WordPress, and Odoo powered website. Get deeper insights on chat leads and conversions by syncing the LiveSalesApp chat with your Google Analytics and Google AdWords accounts.

What’s More to Love?

Make life easier for everyone with these LiveSalesApp features:

Lead Qualification System

Add a filter system into your chat to sort out real leads from spammers.

Bi-directional Transfers

For hassle-free sending of files to-and-from operators, sales prospects, and customers.

Ratings and Feedback Form

For improving customer service and user-experience of sales prospects and customers.

Shortcuts and Knowledge Base

Shorten response times by creating templated replies configured with shortcuts and by building a Knowledge Base for quick retrieval of any product data.

Screen Sharing

See any encountered issues straight to the point and resolve it as quickly as possible. Share screen with users to better understand checkout errors or any issues raised.

Real-Time Translation

Make sales from any part of the world. Avoid miscommunications by speaking the language of your prospects and customers no matter where they are from through the LiveSalesApp’s real-time translation feat.

LiveSalesApp VS Intercom

LiveSalesApp Intercom
Live Chat Console
Messenger Visibility
Email Collector
Automated Lead Qualification
Manual Lead Messages
Automated Messages
Operator Dashboard
Leads Dashboard
Multi-language Support
Unlimited Chats
Agent Groups
Visitor-Operator File Transfer & Upload
Offline Messaging
Knowledge Base
Real-time Chat Metrics
Alerts and Notifications
Conversation Archives
Unified Inbox

Shift for the Better

Be proactive, converse with your audience, catch more leads, and then turn them into customers. Accomplish all these and more with the LiveSalesApp chat today.