Lead Automation Messages

Capture attention of web visitors by chatting with them the moment they reach a page on your website and by targeting their common inquiries. Through LiveSalesApp’s easy to set up lead automation messages, you can configure how future and repeat customers navigate throughout your website with custom messages that directs them to the right products based on what they need or helps them complete their checkout process.

Multi-channel Ticketing System

Streamline communications from all your channels including chats, emails, and even phone calls with the LiveSalesApp chat. Running on a ticketing system with filter and search options, operators get to understand the whole journey of a sale prospect or customer while browsing your website. Able to review activity and purchase history through chat metrics and all related tickets submitted, operators get to clearly see what could have caused any issues encountered and therefore are able to resolve these more quickly.

Real-time User Data Analytics

Improve merchandising strategies by updating lead automation messages using fundamental data gathered from the moment users reach your website. The LiveSalesApp comes with a Live Prospects View feature that lets you obtain user data including referral information, country source, IP, navigation history, last activity and more that your sales and marketing team members can utilize for more business opportunities.

Hassle-free Integration with Various Platforms

Whether your website is powered by Magento, Odoo, WordPress or even a custom one, be assured that the LiveSalesApp can be easily integrated with it. Installation and set-up is easy and anyone from your team can do it. Really. For better understanding of captured leads and conversions received, you can also link metrics from the LiveSalesApps to Google Analytics and Google AdWords through Google Tag Manager.

Ultimate Convenience for Everyone

Turn web visitors into satisfied sales prospects and customers. Offering them a good website experience and proactively engaging with them to give what they need translates to doubled conversions and increased revenues. Bring in the ultimate convenience not just for your users but also for yourself with these features:

Shortcuts and Knowledge Base

Retain your sales prospects and customers with quicker response times. Build your own Knowledge Base and create shortcuts for effortless retrieval of product data and sending of canned responses, saving you time to do more while also helping you get back to user inquiries a lot faster.

Lead Qualification System

Never waste time dealing with chat spammers. Through the LiveSalesApp, you get to have visitors fill out a lead form first before a chat starts. This then becomes an integrated filter system that lets you sort true leads from spam submissions. All user data collected can be used in email marketing campaigns, future ads, and more.

Bi-directional File Sending

Transfer sales orders, product brochures or any other documents to your web visitors and at the same time receive purchase orders from customers through the LiveSalesApp’s two-way file transfer feature. Just drag and drop any file from your database into the chat window to send.

Brand Consistent Messaging

The LiveSalesApp is customizable, allowing you to change format of chat messages, images, links, and more to match the chat console with your brand identify. This helps fortify your brand’s profile, building user trust in the process.

Ratings and Feedback Forms

Let your sales prospects and customer know that they matter. Get their ratings and feedback to improve your customer service and support.

Real-time Translation

Accommodate global users, get conversions, and make sales from any part of the world. Avoid any form of miscommunication through the LiveSalesApp’s real-time translation feature, letting you speak the language of your prospects and customers.

LiveSalesApp VS Drift

LiveSalesApp Drift
Alerts and Notifications
Live Chat Console
Messenger Visibility
Manual Lead Messages
Automated Messages
Operator Dashboard
Knowledge Base Availability
Ticket Management
Multi-language Support
Activity Tracking
Real-time Metrics
Conversation Archiving
Customer Profiles
Email Capture
Automated Lead Qualification
Offline Form
Unified Inbox
Website Visitor Tracking

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