Lead Introduction Messages

Lead Introduction Messages by the Live Sales App are effective engagement tools strategically built to target common inquiries of prospects or customers, allowing sales operators to quickly catch their attention and make instant connection. Build trust by instantly assisting website visitors, leading them to the products they exactly need. Offering a two-way communication can help convert prospects into actual customers as well as get existing ones to purchase again. Easily configure, automate, or manage these messages online via an Operator Console.

Quote and Purchase Order Expressway

The Quote and Purchase Order Expressway feature makes way for convenient bi-directional file transfers. Quickly send quotations and transfer documents to sale prospects as well as collect purchase orders from customers. Forward product catalogues, manuals and other PDF files to prospects and customers by simply dragging and dropping these from a database into the chat field, sending the link to your file in just a prompt.

Sales Training and Automation Library

Designed with an ingenious and high-powered resource management system, the Live Sales App Sales Training and Automation Library validates efficiency.

  • Respond to typical prospect inquiries in a flash with quick answers and files stored in a Knowledge Database
  • Easily drag and drop resources in the chat box
  • Train new sales representatives in the process

Live Prospect View

Live Sales App’s Live Prospect View feature allows real-time monitoring of your sale prospects, displaying relevant information on the instant they reach your website. Discover who referred them, where have they accessed your website including country, city, and region data, as well as search terms used. Tracking prospect activity is effortless as the Live Prospect View also lets you see their navigational path throughout the website.

Acquire fundamental data highly advantageous for your sales, marketing, and website interaction strategies:

  • Referral Information
  • Timezone
  • Operating System
  • Page title
  • Last visit date/time
  • Last active time
  • Navigation history
  • Time on site (for each page)
  • Number of pages visited
  • Browser (type and version)
  • Screen resolution
  • Network name
  • Host
  • IP
  • Language Country, Region, City
  • Search String
  • Landing page
  • Visit Counter

Brand Consistent Messaging

Research shows that positive brand trust is directly correlated to purchasing decisions. Bring in new prospects and customers by establishing your company profile through brand consistent messaging. The Live Sales App helps strengthen your brand by enabling full HTML formatting with it’s built-in HTML-Editor. Format chat messages, images, links, and tables to match your brand identity and build stronger trust online.

Sales and Technical Support Alignment

The Live Sales App lets you choose on how to handle chat messaging depending on your requirements and available team members. You decide if you want prospects to connect with different chat operators, assigning them to your sales team or technical support team. Aside from chat groups that can be dynamically created by operators through the Live Sales App console, the chat widget installed can also be used to create public chat groups allowing prospects and customers to freely interact with each other.


Convention Marketing
  • Form
  • Email
  • CRM
  • Qualified
  • Call
Time: Days to Weeks


Convention Marketing
  • Qualify
  • Bot qualified leads
    for you 24/7
  • Conversation
  • Sales reps interact
    only with best leads
Time: Minutes
LiveSaleApp In Action
Live Cart Recovery

Effectively assist on any errors experienced by prospects and customers with the Live Sales App screen sharing function. Being able to see in real-time any cart issues encountered by a prospect or an old customer as how they see these from their computer, makes way for faster issue resolution. This greatly minimizes downtime and leads more to positive sales generation.

LiveSaleApp In Action
Lead Qualification System

Through the Lead Qualification System feature, catching true leads instead of spam submissions become possible and a lot easier. Any instance of online harassment or cyberbullying towards sales operators by hostile prospects are avoided with the use of an integrated filter system that can be configured based on various criteria.

LiveSaleApp In Action
Sales Coaching Mode

Carry out peer-to-peer support through the Sales Coaching Mode. This feature allows senior sales team members to facilitate less experienced representatives when it comes to a possible sale or critical issues raised. The Whisper Mode lets operators to onboard and share their knowledge with fellow operators by sending messages to the same channel where prospects or customers are at -- without them seeing anything.

LiveSaleApp In Action
Ratings and Feedback Form

Let your prospects and customers know that they matter. The Ratings and Feedback Form sent at the end of a chat lets you know where you are at when it comes to customer service and the website user-experience provided. Reviewing feedback received can help you improve services and make these as customer-focused as possible, improving customer loyalty and increasing web visitor satisfaction in return.

Virtual Sales Assistants

You’ll never have to answer the same questions 24/7 again. Have a break or multi-task while retaining prospects with the Live Sales App’s Virtual Assistants. These smart Chat Bots can take over the chat messaging app without a sweat even after work-hours, shortening inquiry queues and making room for better customer service and experience. Engineered to present interactive and personalized communication, these Virtual Sales Assistants can smoothly assist website visitors at any time. With daily transcripts sent to you via email, these chat bots can be maximized to forge a complete F.A.Q system.

Sales Lead Capture

Generate and store lead information from your chat messages for use in sales generation, future ads, or email marketing campaigns.

  • Set-up lead forms to be completed before a chat is initiated
  • Default fields include: Name, Email, Company, and Questions
  • 10 additional input fields to utilize depending on your requirements
  • Customize forms by choosing from four input elements: text, text area, dropdown list, or checkbox

Real-Time Translation

Avoid miscommunication by speaking the language of your prospects and customers. With the Live Sales App Real-Time Translation feat, understanding and responding to chat messages as well as making sales from any part of the world has never been this easy. Powered by Google® Translate Version 2 that supports all major languages, the Live Sales App can instantly translate messages between operators and prospects no matter where they are from. An option to use your native language and then translate it to your prospect’s or customer’s preferred one is also available.

FULL Live Sales App LIST

Expertly convert prospects into customers with the Live Sales App that is feature-packed with the following:

  • Multi-Language Support (auto detection)
  • Translation Editor
  • User / Group Permissions
  • Data API
  • Sound & Visual Alerts
  • Web Based Operator Console
  • Receive emails via POP or IMAP
  • Send emails through SMTP
  • HTML and Plaintext Emails
  • Full SSL Support
  • SPAM-Free, secure and unified mailbox
  • Assign Tickets to Operators
  • Assign Chats to Tickets
  • Dynamic / Automatic Ticket Templates
  • Track all kind of business issues
  • Send and receive attachments
  • Link Chats and Tickets
  • Flawless Knowledge Base integration
  • Waiting Time indicator
  • Search & Filter options
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Website screenshot
  • Multi-Operator Support
  • Chat forwarding (to Operators and Groups)
  • Chat Bots / Virtual Assistant
  • Chat Bot API
  • Instant Callback Service
  • Public Chat rooms (X operators / X visitors)
  • Quality Assurance Chats
  • Classroom, E-Learning and Conference Chats
  • Public Group Chats
  • Ratings / Feedback Form
  • Operator Initiated Chats / Chat Invitations
  • Different Chat Invitation Styles
  • Group Chat Queue Line (waiting time & position)
  • Operator Chat Queue Line (waiting time & position)
  • Chat Priority Levels
  • Global Chat Archive
  • Chat Opening Times / Schedule
  • Answer Suggestions / Quick Search Window
  • File Transfers (bi-directional)
  • Global Canned Messages / File Management
  • Real-Time Translation Service (bi-directional)
  • Custom Input Fields (Chats & Offline Messages)
  • Typing Indicator (bi-directional)
  • Email Chat Transcripts
  • Automatic Chat Invitations
  • Monitoring website visitor parameters
  • URL-Based Visitor Filters
  • Security Filter / Ban visitor
  • Co-Browsing
  • Monitor different websites in one client
  • Different operator monitoring permission levels

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Ticketing System

LiveSaleApp In Action
Post Sales Support Software

Forget complicated steps or setup as Live Sales App increases efficiency by streamlining all forms of communication including chats, phone calls, emails, and SMS within a ticket or a spam-free unified inbox. Through an organized workflow, you can easily review your prospect and client’s experience, inquiry or purchase history that could feed you with insights on customer retention. Ensure the best and quickest issue resolution possible regardless of the preferred channel of your clients.

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Self-Learning Messaging System

Get the future in your hands with our intelligent self-learning email template system that provides you with ready-to-send emails and replies. Our system is integrated with recent searches, FAQs, and your preferences that automates its pre-format messages. Impress prospects with quick responsiveness by simply clicking the right salutation or acknowledgment in 2 seconds.

LiveSaleApp In Action
FAQ and Knowledge Base

Through the Live Sales App Knowledge Base you can swiftly get back to inquiries from prospects in just a few simple clicks. Confidently answer recurring questions without any effort using configured shortcuts.

LiveSaleApp In Action
Search and Filter Options

Whatever information you are looking for, you can find tickets and messages in less than no time with Live Sales App’s integral filter and search options. Ticket and chat management becomes trouble-free, giving you plenty of time to address other inquiries from prospects and customers.

Post Sales Support Software Features List

Simplify your support communication process with the Post Sales Support Software fully-featured with the following:

  • Multi-Language Support (with auto detection)
  • Receive emails via POP or IMAP
  • Send emails through SMTP
  • HTML and Plaintext Emails
  • Full SSL Support
  • SPAM-Free, secure and unified mailbox
  • Full ticket lifecycle from opening to resolution
  • Assign Tickets to Operators
  • Assign Chats to Tickets
  • Dynamic/Automatic Templates (email that almost writes itself)
  • Track all kind of business issues
  • Send and receive attachments
  • Link Chats and Tickets
  • Flawless FAQ integration, respond to inquiries with lightning speed
  • Waiting Time indicator
  • Search & Filter options
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Alerts & Notifications


Who can be tagged as an Operator?

A member of your Sales Team or Technical Support Team who uses the Live Sales App to chat with your customers or sale prospects can be called an Operator. The number of operators that can simultaneously sign on the system depends on the amount of Operator Licenses acquired. The Live Sales App Operator Client software can be installed on any number of computers or devices. Creating any number of operator accounts is possible regardless of license type.

Can I upgrade my package later?

Yes, all license types displayed can be freely integrated. Extra Operator Licences can be added at anytime. Upgrading your existing PRO license to the next higher package (e.g. from 3 operators to 5) is possible and will only require you to pay the price difference. Take note that discounts like voucher codes cannot be applied here.

Are lead introduction messages customizable?

Yes. Depending on your preferences, you can automatically show unique messages on different pages of your website. This makes targeting of your prospects a lot easier, showing them the correct questions or answers at the right time based on what part of your website they currently are.

Can the LiveSalesApp be integrated to any website?

Yes! Easily integrate the LiveSalesApp to your website whether it is built from Magento or Wordpress. It also seamlessly works for custom websites that do not use any Content Management System (CMS).

Is the LiveSalesApp easy to install?

Correct, it’s simple and straightforward. Installing the app can be done by anyone, even by your marketing or sales team member. When you get the app, instructions on how to add it to your website will be provided as well. It's as basic as copying and pasting a provided host and LiveSalesApp key on the LiveSalesApp module.

Who Should Use Live Sales App Software?


Studies show that 62% of consumers are more likely to buy from and return to a website with a live chat feature. Essential for e-commerce businesses, a live chat engaging prospects and customers in two-way communication can be used to acquire leads, minimize bounce rates, and lower cart abandonment instances on their websites.

SaaS Businesses

SaaS companies, compared to other B2B businesses, can utilize a live chat software to shorten deals as they can launch various short-term campaigns based on user-behavior and preferences or provide expedient support.

Travel Websites

With live chat software offering features to create self-service content, allow chat routing, make way for quicker response times as well as real-time interactions, it is undeniable how travel and hospitality websites can immensely benefit from it.


A live chat feature is highly significant for any marketing team as this can help in creating new campaigns based on preferences of targeted-audiences, generate website sign-ups, and reduce bounce rates. With chatbots set-up, marketers can easily engage with visitors, get relevant lead information, and direct them to a real customer representatives for any complicated inquiries.

Sales Teams

User information captured in a Sales Team’s CRM system can be used to kickoff targeted campaigns, nurture leads, send follow-up emails that can then help close more deals and boost sales.


Continue providing support services to your prospects who have already turned into customers with a live chat software. Proactive re-engagement with previous customers increases possibility of repeat purchases and builds long-term relationships.

Connect the LiveSalesApp chat to the most common eCommerce and growth tools you use

Conveniently send chat leads and valuable data with the LiveSalesApp that offers trouble-free integration to popular eCommerce platforms and analytics softwares.

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